About Little Rebel Clothing

We wanted to dress our children in something with a little more attitude, rather than the cutesy look you see everywhere. We searched and only found over priced and under quality so we decided the only option was to start making our own clothing. We started small, just making a few outfits for our own children. We quickly gained an enthusiastic following. Thus littlerebelclothing.com was born. Our home-based studio is located in Las Vegas, NV. We eventually plan on expanding our product line to include other manufacturers to offer our customers more of a variety.

If you are looking for infant and toddler clothing with an urban-punk twist to it, then you found the right place. We specialize in hip, edgy, alternative children’s clothing and rockin’ accessories for your rug rats.

We hand print all of our items when you order them. All items are screen printed on high quality onesies, t-shirts and other items using high quality inks and are made to last. All our designs are custom created by our talented designers.

If you have a suggestion, question, or comment about our designs please feel free to contact us.